There are many things to do in Cape Town, the most popular tourist destination in South Africa, if you’re travelling on a low budget. If you’re a nature lover, like me, there are many outdoor activities in this city blessed with beautiful mountains and beaches.

Things To Do In Cape Town, South Africa

If you enjoy trekking and don’t know yet what to do in Cape Town, the mountains are there waiting for you. It is not too difficult to climb the Table Mountain, the city’s most famous mountain. The level of fitness required is medium, but if trekking is not for you and you just want to enjoy the views, it is also possible to take the cable car to go to the top. If climbing the Table Mountain sounds too strenuous, you can climb the Lion’s Head instead, which also offers great views of the city and whose climbing is much easier.

Table Mountain, Cape Town

Table Mountain is the name given to the main mountain found in Cape Town, and has this name given its completely flat top. It is believed that the mountains that separate the coast of Cape Town from the countryside is among the oldest on the planet and reach an altitude of 1600m. It is such a beautiful mountain that it entered the list of the 7 Natural Wonders.

What To Do In Cape Town On A Budget

If you’re travelling to Cape Town, there are two ways to get to the summit of the Table Mountain. If you have a good fitness level, you can trek it and it will take you around 2 hours to get to the top. The other option is the cable car, which will take you to the summit in just a few minutes.

The Table Mountain Cable Car

The Table Mountain Cable Car was opened to the public in the 1950s, but the one operational today is a very modern version of that. Once you reach the summit, there is a café, souvenir shops and three trekking paths which will take you 45 minutes to complete each. This trekking is very easy and will reward you with some fantastic views of Cape Town.

What To Do In Cape Town On A Budget

Trekking the Table Mountain

Trekking the Table Mountain will take you around 2 hours and requires a lot of physical strength. The climb up is not easy and those tourists with a low fitness level will find it even more difficult – I actually don’t recommend it. Normally, people climb up and descend by cable car.

Things To Do In Cape Town On A Budget

If you see that it is cloudy, you should cancel your tour, as visibility is everything on this activity. Apart from enjoying the view, there is little to do on the Table Mountain. Before you start your climb (or take the cable car), ask the staff if there is any visibility up there. You will just waste your time and money if the answer is “poor visibility”.

Climbing the Lion’s Head, Cape Town

Even though it is Cape Town itself, you will need some sort of means of transport to get to the foot of the Lion’s Head. Public transport in Cape Town is scarce, so you will be better off taking an Uber.

What To Do In Cape Town On A Budget

The climb to the summit will take around 1 hour. During the full moon periods, the place is popular with locals and tourists, who go up the mountains to watch the sunset and stay up all night under the moon.

Cape Town On A Budget

I’m the type of person who enjoys using public transport whenever I travel. So in Cape Town I tried to do the same, but the city only has vans that are used by locals commuting to and from work. It is ok, but if you go on different routes it will be a challenge. With some difficult, I was able to do it.

If you want to go to the foot of the Table Mountain or the Lion’s Head by public transport, you’ll first need to go to the City Centre, which serves as a huge transport hub. This is where most vans terminate their routes. Take van #22 (Sea Point) and ask the driver to stop at Kroof Nek. From there, you just need to work for a bit. Bear in mind that these vans only operate during the day, so on the way back you will need a taxi or an Uber.

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