While many people prefer to go enjoy the European summer in places like Spain, the French Riviera or the Algarve, Germany doesn’t always come to mind as a summer holiday destination. Those who do, can enjoy outdoor activities, dancing and laughing! Summer in the German Romantic Cities is all this and much more. Located in the southwest of Germany and blessed with a pleasant, Mediterranean climate, the cities of Rhineland‑Palatinate are ideal for enjoying summer to the full, be it by attending the countless events or enjoying regional delicacies or the various outdoor activities. You will most definitely fall in love with the German Romantic Cities straddling the Rhine and Moselle!

Events In The German Romantic Cities

The season kicks off on the next-to-last weekend in June (19–23 June 2019) with the open-air Porta³ in front of the Porta Nigra in Trier, a grand celebration with big names in attendance, good music and a vibrant atmosphere.

Summer In The German Romantic Cities

The Nibelungen Festival in Worms (12–28 July 2019) is more restrained but no less entertaining. This year, the open-air theatrical event just outside the cathedral will feature ‘ÜBERWÄLTIGUNG’. But it is not only the performance against a backdrop of the cathedral that makes the festival a unique cultural event, it is also the excellent supporting programme and Heylshof Garden, one of Germany’s most beautiful theatre foyers, that attract numerous visitors.

The night sky is fantastically illuminated during the Mainz Summer Lights (26–28 July 2019), which includes a varied music programme, a welcoming wine village, countless food stalls, other activities and, the pièce de résistance on Saturday, a stunning fireworks display set to music. The breathtaking show can be enjoyed from the riverbanks or aboard an exclusive ship on the Rhine.

Summer In The German Romantic Cities

This year, Idar-Oberstein is hosting a very special event: THEATERSOMMER (9 August to 5 September 2019). Theatrical performances and concerts are held at extraordinary locations, such as the park near the Historic Agate Mill and Oberstein Castle. Highlights include the German band Bukahara and performances of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Can culture be fun? According to Kult(o)urnacht in Speyer on 14 June 2019, the answer is: Yes! During this unique event, various cultural institutions present exciting musical, dance and theatrical performances, and other activities for night owls with a penchant for culture.

The ‘Rhine in Flames’, a firework spectacle along the Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the culmination of the annual event programme: on 10 August 2019, eight firework displays between Spay and Koblenz illuminate the night sky with fantastical colours. And the summer festival in Koblenz (9–11 August 2019) provides the perfect supporting programme, including delicious wines, special culinary creations and more than 500 artistes performing on seven stages.

Summer In The German Romantic Cities

The Rhineland-Palatinate Directorate General for Cultural Heritage (GDKE) is planning a large state exhibition at the Mainz State Museum in 2020, featuring the Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire and the mainstays of their power. These dynasties shaped half the European continent for more than five centuries. The Rhine region, most significantly the cities of Mainz, Worms and Speyer, was central to these eventful developments. The exhibition makes an important contribution to the development and promotion of Rhineland-Palatinate’s cultural heritage, emphasising the state’s significance as one of the principal cultural regions in Europe in this historical period. The GDKE will be organising lectures and events, and presenting city models as complements to the exhibition over the next two and a half years. The first lectures, which will take attendees on a journey to the Middle Ages, will be held in November 2019.

Wine & Dine In The Romantic Cities

What would the mildest of summer days and nights be without scrumptious delicacies? And there is no lack of delicacies in the German Romantic Cities. The best way to savour the flavours of the region is at a wine booth on Trier’s main market. This is where winemakers from Trier and its surroundings showcase their finest wines from the end of March until 7 November 2019.

Wine lovers should not miss the Mainz Wine Market (29 August to 1 September 2019 and 5–8 September 2019), with its various wine stalls and displays in the unique ambience of the City Park. Visitors can enjoy a stroll through the park, sampling and savouring the regional produce to their heart’s content!

The Street Food Festival in Idar-Oberstein is the perfect opportunity for a family weekend. Restaurants, food stalls and food trucks serve a delightful array of delicacies from all over the world, turning the market square into a colourful, irresistible feast on 10–11 August (free admission). Shady seating, drink and cocktail bars, promotional stalls and a comfortable, relaxing lounge will make this an unforgettable weekend. Needless to say, the kids will also have a great time: a large bouncy castle, a children’s carousel and many other minor attractions will ensure that the kids can really let off steam.

Wine and exercise? Together? Really? The Herrnsheimer Weinsommer in Worms combines wine and yoga for the first time ever. Anyone merely interested in yoga as well as beginners and advanced practitioners alike can look forward to enjoying yoga and wine in the relaxed atmosphere of the Herrnsheim Palace Park. The Herrnsheimer Weinsommer, which will be held around Herrnsheim Palace from 20 July to 17 August, will transform the entire district with various festival stalls and attractions.

Summer In The German Romantic Cities

Would you like to dine like an emperor or king? You can do just that in Speyer! Speyer’s restaurateurs and hoteliers serve only the best from their kitchens and cellars at the Emperor’s Table (9–11 August 2019). And there is a large variety of cuisines: regional dishes, international specialities, hearty snacks and exquisite culinary delights.

Koblenz presents an opportunity to enjoy extraordinary tales and delectable wines in very special places. Join a Schlenderprobe — wine tasting combined with a stroll through the heart of the city (only available in German)—and sample six different wines (several dates available from April 2019 onwards).

Outdoor Activities

Do you enjoy exercise? There is so much to do in the German Romantic Cities in the summer months! The Tour de Worms is a delightful bicycle tour ending in historical Worms. The route is characterised by modest gradients, fantastic views and welcoming villages.

Take a refreshing dip! The Moselle is best experienced from the river itself. You can rent a stand-up paddle board in Trier and paddle up the Moselle towards the Roman Bridge. Additional tip: The river flows particularly slowly to the left of the Pferdeinsel (an island in the Moselle), making this stretch all the more exciting.

Yet another superlative suggestion: The Palatinate is the largest Riesling growing region in the world. There is hardly a better place to spend the summer than in the vineyards of Speyer, which is also known as the secret metropolis of the Palatinate. Explore them on foot or by bike!

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